A Boundary-Clock Type System for Range Applications

A boundary clock is an IEEE 1588 component that allows the synchronization of IEEE 1588v2 clocks across subnets defined by a router or other devices that blocks the transmission of all IEEE 1588 messages. A boundary clock serves to eliminate the large fluctuations in communication latency typically generated by routers and similar devices. A profile is a set of allowed Precision Time Protocol (PTP) features applicable to a device. IEEE-1588/PTP Boundary Clocks have been used in telecommunications synchronization systems for several years utilizing the Telecom Profile of IEEE-1588v2. Extending the network reach and improving synchronization performance is also a requirement in range applications. But, while telecom synchronization typically utilizes the Telecom profile, most ranges prefer the Default Profile due to it’s potential for better accuracy.

ORCA Technologies has the correct Default Profile PTP Slave and Grandmaster that can be paired to perform the Boundary Clock function for range applications. The TT-101B TimeTap PTPv2 Synchronized Generator acts as the Slave in the system receiving PTP at its Ethernet port. The TTGM-101B TimeTap Synchronized Generator / Grandmaster is then synchronized to the TT-101B and distributes PTP timing down the line on its Ethernet port on a different subnet.

Rack Mountable TT-101B Slave and IRIG-Synchronized TTGM-101B Grandmaster

Figure 1 – Rack Mountable TT-101B Slave and IRIG-Synchronized TTGM-101B Grandmaster


Synchronization from the Slave to Grandmaster is accomplished via DCLS IRIG to achieve excellent time transfer performance.

Synchronization from the Slave to Grandmaster


ORCA Technologies also has a customizable Time & Frequency Receiver, the GS-301 that can also be configured in this fashion.

GS-301 GPS Time and Frequency Receiver

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Radar Kahler - Product Manager

Radar Kahler
Product Manager
ORCA Technologies

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