Trestles GPS/GNSS Synchronized Time and Frequency System

Trestles GPS Synchronized Time and Frequency System

Trestles GPS Synchronized Time and Frequency System – Network Time Server / Time Code Generator / Frequency Generator

Trestles GPS Synchronized Time and Frequency System

Standard Features:

  • Synchronizes to GNSS, Time Codes, 1PPS, 1/5/10 MHz/MPPS
  • 3 Gb Network Ports serving NTP & PTPv2
  • 1PPS Output
  • External Frequency Input—1, 5, 10 MHz
  • 1PPS, Time Interval / Event Timing Input
  • Alarm Output
  • LED Status Indicators
  • OLED Display
  • Web page for setup and control

Optional Features:

  • Independent Multi-Code Outputs — IRIG A, B, E, G and H
  • Universal Outputs— PPO, 10MHz, Pulse Rates/PPS, N.1, Time Codes
  • OCXO and Rubidium Oscillator Upgrades
  • 5/10 MHz Low Phase Noise Outputs
  • Fiber Optic Input and Output
  • NMEA Outputs
  • MILSTAR Timing Input and Output
  • SAASM and M-Code versions are available

Product Description

The Trestles Time and Frequency System is a rackmount GPS Receiver designed for time and frequency applications including NTP and PTP network time server requirements. With 4 option module slots, and up to 4 user-configured outputs per module, Trestles is adaptable to many different applications. Option modules include our Universal Card, Code Output card, T1 module, Have Quick module, Low Phase Noise frequency card and fiber option input and output cards.

Time and rate outputs are precisely referenced to GPS or time code input. Two time codes are available simultaneously in both AM and DCLS formats on the Universal Card. Additional outputs include pulse rates and 10 MHz sinewave.

Smart Port

Through the use of our Smart Port Technology, Trestles introduces a revolutionary way to distribute the above time codes, frequencies and pulse rates. A wide variety of signals are available in every ORCA Tech Trestles time and frequency system. Every user has front panel or web browser access to each of these ready-to-use signals that can be selected for distribution via optional rear panel modules providing up to 16 independent outputs. No longer do you have to dedicate a specific signal to a specific output—you can change them at any time. Smart Port Technology puts control into the hands of the customer and gives the ultimate amount of flexibility in supporting today’s ever-changing time and frequency requirements.

Network Security

Trestles utilizes the latest and greatest network and security practices available today. With security being of utmost importance to many of our customers, including government organizations and the military, Trestles was specifically designed to be the most secure Network Time Server available. Utilizing the latest OS and software available to us through our LINUX platform, ORCA is able to incorporate protocols specific to network security Information Assurance (IA) standards. ORCA understands the importance of making the latest protocols available to the end user while also taking into consideration JTIC and STIGS standards. Security will always be a standard feature on our product. Any new security features will always be incorporated into our latest software update, which will always be free of charge to our customers.

  • Management:
    • – IPv4/IPv6
    • – Authentication: LDAP, TACACS+
    • – Syslog: Logging
    • – SNMP: Supports SNMP v1, v2c, and v3
  • Communications:
    • – HTTP & HTTPS
  • Security Features:
    • – SSL: Secure Copy Protocol
    • – TLS: Transport Layer Security
    • – Password Protected
    • – Notifications via SNMP Traps & e-mails

Suggested Pairing

This unit can be paired with our System Matrix Switch Distribution Amplifier SMS-101 or our SD-218 switch and distribution amplifier to provide ultimate flexibility in the number and variety of each output. Switching technology is included for redundant operation.


Trestles comes with a 2-year warranty. Technical support and software updates and upgrades are always free.

Product Specifications

General Specifications

  • Timing Accuracy:
    • <15 nanoseconds to UTC (GNSS/GPS)
    • < 15 nanoseconds to DCLS Time Code
    • < 500 nanoseconds to AM Time Code reference
    • 15 nanoseconds to External Frequency reference
  • Internal Oscillator: 10MHz Temperature Compensated (TCXO) 100PPB, DAC steering

Standard Inputs

  • GPS Input: 1.575 GHz L1 C/A Code
    • GNSS Receiver: 32 parallel channels
    • Internal Oscillator disciplined to GPS
    • Antenna: ordered separately
    • Connector: BNC
  • AM and DCLS Serial Time Code Input
    • Format: IRIG A, B, G
    • AM Amplitude: 1-6 Vpp
    • DCLS: TTL levels
    • Connector: BNC


  • 1PPS Reference Input / Time Interval / Event Timing
    • Amplitude: TTL levels
    • Connector: BNC
  • USB Port
    • Factory Download Port for Firmware Updates
    • Connector: USB-B
  • Frequency Reference Input
    • Amplitude: 1-6 Vpp
    • Connector: BNC

Standard Output

  • 1PPS Output
    • Amplitude: 5V logic, TTL into 50 ohms
    • Positive edge on time, 50% duty cycle
    • Connector: BNC

Alarm Output

  • Alarm Output, Open Collector
    • Connector: BNC

Network Ports (3 independent)

  • NTP Unicast, with Standard Security Protocols
    • Hardware based
    • Connector: RJ-45


  • PTPv2 Default Profile
    • Ethernet II, IPv4, UDP Multicast,
    • Two-step PTPv2 packets
    • Connector: RJ-45

Option Bays (4)

Universal Card Output Module
(4 selectable outputs on BNC)
  • AM and DCLS Serial Time Code Out
    • Format: IRIG A, B, E, G; NASA36, XR3, 2137
    • AM Amplitude: 1Vrms into 50 ohms
    • DCLS: 5V logic
  • Dual N.1 Synthesizer Outputs
  • Programmable Pulse Outputs


  • 10 MHz Sine Output
    • Amplitude: 1 Vrms
  • 1PPS Output
    • Logic Level: 5V logic, TTL into 50 ohms
    • Timing: Positive edge on time
    • Duty Cycle: 50%
    • Connector: BNC
Code Output Module
  • Four independently settable outputs
    • Format: IRIG A, B, E, G, H
    • AM Amplitude: 1Vrms AM into 50 ohms
    • DCLS: 5V logic, ratio set to 3:1
    • Connector: BNC
T1 Module
  • T1 Output
    • Format: Framed All 1s AMI ESF
Have Quick Module, MILSTAR input/output
Low Phase Noise Module
Offset Specification Typical
(Hz) (dBc/Hz) (dBc/Hz)
1 -80 -85
10 -105 -112
100 -130 -135
1k -140 -147
10k -150 -155

OCXO and Rubidium Oscillator Upgrades

Environmental / Mechanical

  • Physical Dimensions
    • Size: 1U, 19 inch rack mount
    • 1.75”H x 17.0”W x 12.0”D
    • Weight: <10 pounds
    • OLED Display: 2 Graphic 256 X 64


  • Operating Temperature: -30 to 50 degrees C
    • – standard model. Options may change temp limits.
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +80 degrees C
  • Humidity: To 95% non-condensing


  • 85-264 VAC, 120-370 VDC (<24 W), 47-63 Hz
  • Optional Primary DC Power input, 18-75 VDC (<25 W)
  • Optional Second Power input. AC or DC

Alternate Versions

  • SAASM and M-Code, Please Contact ORCA for information

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